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Who Else Wants a 'Magically Enchanted' WordPress Blog?

FINALLY An 'Enchanted' WordPress Blog that Magically Posts Relevant Content While You Sleep, Mystically Feeds ALL of Your Social Networks and Mysteriously DOUBLE CHECKS itself!
(Genie not Required)


Dear Fellow WordPress User,

You have heard it all before... 'This' WordPress plugin does this or 'that' plugin does that... But have you yet come across a TRUE all-in-one SINGLE PLUGIN solution to getting your WordPress blog to WORK FOR YOU rather than the other way around? Have you? I haven't. I have seen many promises and tested many plugins, but time and time again I wind up switching to another plugin that 'promises' that it will make my life easier.

Time after time I have purchased useless plugins that did little more than waste my time trying to figure out how to get the darned thing working on my site. Only to find out that I got swindled YET AGAIN for another stupid plugin that does nothing that I thought it would. SURE… it kinda did what the sales letter said it would, but really… it was more of a PITA (pain in the ___) than it was worth and the plugin only half does what I 'thought' it would do.

All I wanted was a TRUE auto-pilot system so that I can set the blog up, tell it 'abracadabra… do this while I sleep' and the thing just WORKS! How freaking hard is that?

I mean, there had to be SOME way of getting the whole thing automated? Isn't the WHOLE idea behind HAVING a WordPress blog in the first place to put your business on AUTOMATION MODE???

That's why, after years of testing, I finally came up with the perfect cauldron recipe for a 'Magically Enchanted' WordPress Blog. I use this recipe for my blog AND for my clients, but up until now I have NEVER revealed EXACTLY how I do it or what plugins I use for my special recipe.


What You are about to receive is instant access to 12 videos (and an 18 page quick reference guide) that outline EXACTLY what plugins to use, how to use them and what settings to use to get them to work together in perfect 'Fantasia style' symphony. WITHOUT slowing down your blog!


Here is Just a SAMPLE of Some of The Ingredients

in Your Magic WordPress Cauldron Recipe:

magic hatSecret Ingredient #1: Your Ever Watchful Bridge Troll: Thwarts evil spam commenters WITHOUT Annoying Captcha

magic hatSecret Ingredient #2: Your White Witch of Traffic: Magically detects and ADDs your most popular traffic-driving post tags

magic hatSecret Ingredient #3: Your Content Angel: Searches the Internet daily for relevant content to post on your blog (with duplicate post prevention)

magic hatSecret Ingredient #4: Your Tempting Sirens: Seduce both humans and search engine robots into FALLING HOPELESSLY IN LOVE with your blog, visiting it again and again.

magic hat Secret Ingredient #5: Your Phoenix: reaches out to all of your social profiles and makes sure that content is placed correctly on all of your networks and on any time schedule you choose.


Just imagine all the time you will have when your WordPress blog is doing ALL of the hard work for you. No more blogging, no more posting to 'this' social network or 'that' social network, AND no more tweeting. Your 'Magically Enchanted' WordPress blog awaits!









60 Day MONEY BACK Guarantee

I am giving you a FULL 60 days to follow the videos, apply what you have learned and then decide for yourself if your investment was worth your time. So, every single day up to day 60 you have the opportunity to tell me that you followed every video, didn't learn a thing (nada... zip... zilch) and I will REFUND 100% of your purchase price. 







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